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The latest edition of Preston’s Guide CD-ROM contains our full comprehensive index to factory specifications through the year 2005. As an added bonus, we have included our Residential Gas & Oil Boiler listings through 2005. Now, you have instant access to over 520,000 listings of makes and models that can be scrolled, compared and printed. Our CD-ROM also features a “Model Number Search” capability that users are delighted with in how quickly they can find a unit’s listing when all you have to go on is a model number. Moreover, you needn’t enter all the characters of the model number but rather just the first few and, all matches will be listed.


In addition, Preston’s CD-ROM also features our Seasonal Energy-Cost Comparator allowing you to make a quick comparison of the estimated energy costs of the customer’s old equipment vs. those of your proposed replacement unit. Print these out to include with your presentation to the customer.


Preston’s CD–ROM is a stand-alone database that runs on all versions of Windows (except Vista) and Macintosh Operating Systems. The CD-ROM software includes a license agreement allowing you to make a copy of it on to a single pc’s hard drive. Multiple copies are discount priced to accommodate needing it on multiple computers. It may also be run on a server but is limited to one user at a time.

The CD-ROM pricing includes all shipping and handling charges.

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